Since the time when covid came into place, the utilization of the school ERP has benefited most of the organizations as they will need to enrol the students simultaneously. Skoolify has made things much easier than before in managing the admission and all. Many the school has taken initiatives as it will benefit most of the students, and their parents as well. In this blog, you will be getting an idea of what is School ERP all about and the features that are available by using the school app. As technology has become a major setback nowadays so the use of technology is of major concern to everyone if you want to compete in this digital world.

Maintaining the Safety Aspects with The Use of the School ERP

The use of the school ERP has made things to become much easier than before and it is also very safe to use. No third party can get involved without using the proper id and password. It also ensures better security on behalf of the students regarding their transport as it can be tracked using the GPS to see the delay or if the school bus is stuck somewhere else. The parents will get a proper idea of when to pick up their children from the bus stand without having any problems as such. It also gives a major benefit to the Institutions as no other person can come and pick up the students without having a proper id and it has been integrated in such a manner that whoever comes and pick up the students they have to scan their smart cards accordingly.

The database that has been saved by the Institutions is secured and no additional parties can use the files except those who have their proper id and password.

School ERP: Its Benefit to The Institutions

School ERP has benefited many things the Institutions and the major points have been listed in this blog.

  1. The management of the fee as with the use of the payment gateway has made things much easier and the administrator can track the fees accordingly. It saves a lot of time and energy and the receipts can be generated anytime whenever they will want it.
  2. Exam Management: The use of the school ERP has helped various Institutions to manage the exam online which is very helpful in case any pandemic occurs or if there is any problem arising in conducting the exam offline. It will save a lot of time and natural resources as well as compared to the traditional method.
  3. In relation to the admission and enrolment, the Institutions will be getting enough enrolment if they use the school ERP. The management can get many benefits and it will help out a lot as from other places the students can easily get enrolment very easily.
  4. Managing the students: The management can easily track the performance of the students very easy as they allow the teachers to conduct the classes online and will provide adequate reports thereof, so it is very useful and benefits a lot of the Institutions.

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The use of the school ERP provides an adequate detailing of what actually is going on and it can easily manage the lesson plans, curricula and other works and assessments too. The school management can also customise the message on the website whenever they feel like it needed to be changed and the messages can be passed on to the parents with the help of the SMS details and email notification so that they will get a clear idea of what is going on. The parents of the students can check the pending fees with the student’s details accordingly. The students can submit their assignments and homework if they have to submit it along with the scheduled date. It is much safer than before as everything is scheduled accordingly and with just a single click you can get the reports accordingly. So do use it accordingly so that it will benefit the Institutions and the students and parents as well.

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