Attendance Management

Integration of biometric and RFID devices automatically collects attendance data and eliminates the possibility of proxy attendance. Teachers can also record the attendance with their mobile app and generate reports with a single click.


Biometric Integration

With Biometric & RFID device integration, attendance gets extremely easy and can be collected automatically, it eliminates the possibility of any proxy attendance. Real-time student movement can also be monitored within the premises.

Track Attendance via Mobile App

With the advanced mobile app Attendance Management module, teachers can record attendance in a few seconds and generates reports with just a few clicks. It also intimates parents in real-time about the wards where about an automated process which helps in reducing the possibility of any human error. 

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Childcare centre
Childcare Development
  • Class wise performance tracking
  • Detailed data analysis and reports
  • Fees and financial data analysis
  • Automated invoices, scheduling payments and reminders.
  • Exam schedules and performance records
  • Online Payment  & Fee Managment
  • Important Events Notification; Parents meeting etc
  • Homework and classwork access

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