Maintaining a paper attendance record is such hectic work sometimes and there is a lot of wastage of papers and time as well. And tracking the attendance of the staff and the students are not easy at all when you have a large Educational Institution. Skoolify brings you the idea of the use of biometric attendance and how easy it works with just a single click. An online attendance management system is very easy to maintain and record as automatically the attendance will be recorded once the students or the staff will scan their ID card that has been provided by the Institutions.

Biometric attendance tracking system: How Does It Actually Work?

So when the educational Institutions have taken a step to introduce this system in their Institutions, their task will be much easier compared to the traditional method that was done before. The educational Institutions can place the biometric scanning system in every place around the Institutions so that the students can scan their ID cards simultaneously whenever they enter or they go out. So let us go into deep insight to see how it actually works.

a. Scanning: So once the staff or the students enter the campus of the educational institutions, they will have to scan their ID cards or their fingerprints in the biometric scanner, and the information will be recorded accordingly.

b. Authentication: So there is no third party who can do a proxy or any other things. As you have to scan your fingerprints automatically everything will be recorded accordingly. It really eliminates the chances of any error and it eliminates the chances of non-authorization.

c. Storage of the Data: This cloud-based platform helps to store the data centrally. Once the data is recorded it will be stored automatically and when needed to show the report during the time of any meeting or any inspection, it will be present already.

Features that are available on using the biometric attendance tracking system

Skoolify highlight some of the features that are available in using the biometric attendance digital system. So let us see what we got for you in this blog.

The first thing is that it is highly secured and safe as discussed in this blog that no third party can misuse it. So once the data is scanned it is recorded systematically. It also helps to track the payments that are paid to the staff and the faculties of the educational Institutions. It is available 24*7 and educational Institutions can use this everywhere, even in the hostel too, to track the attendance of the hostellers. And last but not least it is very user-friendly as you don’t require any engineer to teach you how to do it again and again. It’s like once you learned it, you will be able to use it perfectly.

Advantages of using the biometric attendance tracking system software

There are many advantages to using biometric attendance in your educational Institutions. You as the shareholders and the administrator of the Institutions will really be getting so many benefits from using it as you will not be wasting your money on recruiting more staff to do the recording for each and every work.

The first thing is that there will be no error or any proxy in maintaining the attendance record. There is zero chance for any kind of non-authorization person to get access to the data or to the records. It will really reduce the cost and the manpower as discussed earlier as things will move on smoothly and automatically. It provides accurate recordings because, after the students and the staff scan their ID or their fingerprints, everything is recorded systematically.


So as to discuss in this blog, the benefits and the advantages of using the biometric attendance system software. You will see by yourself how the Institutions will really be advanced with the inclusion of such system software. The earliest you inculcate it the better for you all. The cost of it is highly affordable and you can easily implement it in your educational Institutions.


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