Skoolify brings you the idea of how to integrate your payment gateway by using your android phones or by using the website so that it will be much easier than anything else. It will secure the transaction by following the correct process and by using the PIN number without letting others see through what is it all about. So how to go about it, it will be explained in detail in this blog, the first thing you can create a Pay CEC account and integrate it by activating it Live and you can accept the payment online.

We will be explaining step by step how to do the transaction or to receive the payment online by using your android phones, it is done by just simply creating a Pay CEC account. So the first step is to sign up with the E- mail Confirmation where you can easily get access to your account in less than 5 minutes.  Once you finished to sign up by using your email, you will get all your required data so that you can start integrating into your live system where you will get all kinds of transactions directly into your android phones. You will get the Live account access request by filling in the active form online. Once this is done you will again get an email confirmation to your live account where you can keep a track of all the daily transactions as well as your payout details.

It goes like this, once the Customer will be paying the orders, the merchant will confirm the order and collect the payment details whether the transaction is successful or whether it’s failed, it will confirm automatically. So once it is done the payment gateway which you are using will be encrypted and it will be sending the payment details to the acquiring bank after that the card scheme will authorize the transaction and last the bank will approve or it will decline the payment.

Benefits You Can Get By Integrating The Payment Gateway

Skoolify will help you to get an idea of how beneficial it is, by using the payment gateway which it will make your life a little much easier than handling cash online, where sometimes it can post a challenge as well. Let us see what are the benefits you can get by accessing the payment gateway.

A. You can even manage the global transaction if you have to pay or to get the payment with the use of the payment gateway. It is very easy as it provides features such as multi-language or multi-currency and it can manage the supplementary cross-border language.

B. It provides a 24/7 access convenience at any hour of the day or the night irrespective of the consumer’s location and the time difference. You can do the transaction from anywhere and at any time.

C. There are secure transactions that can happen where there is no third party that can get access to it. It boosts data security and provides customer satisfaction.

The Top Payment  Gateways

Here in this blog skoolify will be listing some of the top payment gateways and facts about it globally.

Paypal has around 300 million user accounts across the globe. The stripe also deals with bitcoin. Talking about Amazon Pay is fairly a popular payment processing service that supports more than 310 million active customers.

The payment gateway is the consumer-facing interface where the payment can be collected online by using credit cards or just by using smartphones where you can do the transaction online automatically. It enables the payers to even do their payments when they want to use the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as well. So to make things much easier and safer you can integrate it with this payment gateway. There is a white-label payment gateway where the merchant will receive the payment through third-party services while using their name and brand. So if you see overall the payment gateway is an important feature of the digital economy. You can easily get access to the payment transaction anywhere and at any time, that’s the real benefit.

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