Parents of the 21st century are well advanced with technology as well. They will want to discuss issues regarding the school or their children so that they will be able to participate well too in shaping their children’s education. Skoolify brings you an idea of how the school mobile app will essentially help the parents to communicate well with the school staff and the faculties so that their demands are met. Kudos to the modern technology which has eased the way of communication,  so that it will bridge the gap between the School and Parent Communication for a good purpose.

Benefits Of Having The School Mobile App in Bringing Effective Communication

Skoolify will highlight some of the basic points on how communication can improve between the school staff and the parents with the use of the school mobile app. So let us see more insight into what we got for you.

a. Students Growth: The use of the school mobile app has really helped the parents to track the activities of the children. It has made the way of communication much easier when called for the parents and teachers to meet so that the teachers can discuss the performance of the students. The teachers can clarify the problems with the parents there and then without wasting any more time. When compared with the traditional method of holding the parent’s and teacher’s meetings before, it is too difficult sometimes. Some parents of the students do not attend as they have some urgent work or maybe they are staying too far away, so it is sometimes not possible to meet on the exact date that was given. But the use of school technology has made things much simpler and easier too.

b. Safety: With the use of the school mobile app, students’ safety can be tracked easily. The parents of the children can locate their children’s location whether they are at school or somewhere else. Whenever the students are absent or present, the school administration will notify the parents via SMS or email. If students are sick or if anything happens that they will not be able to attend the school, the parents can easily send a notification to the school teacher regarding the condition of the students. So in this manner, every detail of the students can be easily tracked and it is much easier as compared before.

c. Smart School: With the use of the school mobile app, the school administration can keep a record of all the activities of the students. It can keep a record of their attendance and the exam records simultaneously, so if the parents and the teachers want to keep track of their activities they can do so. The teachers can easily show to the parents the records if there is a parents-teachers meeting so that the parents will get an idea of how their children are performing in the school.

d. Scheduling the Time tables: The teachers of the school can plan the timetable nicely by using the features available in the school mobile app. When done they can upload it to the school website, so that the parents will get a clear idea of what will be on the timetable for the month and what activities are planned for the students. So in this manner, the school administration does not need to print out the copies to keep on the noticeboard, it is just wasting of the natural resources. By using the school mobile app, automatically things can be done online with just a single click.


These inbuilt School And Parent Communication tools have made things much easier as parents can easily communicate one–to–one with the teachers of the Institutions. This school mobile app has improved parental engagement and promoted seamless communication between the school administration and the parents. It enables real-time communication that was lacking in the traditional method before. The use of the school mobile app will surely bring certain advancements in the performance of the Institutions.

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